A 3.2-Day Vacation in Philadelphia: This Is a Thing


An Oxford Economics study found that Americans leave 3.2 vacation days unused each year -- and the folks at Visit Philly found a way for you to use those forgotten days with their 3.2 Day Itinerary in Philadelphia vacation.

What we like about this idea is that Visit Philly conveniently planned out your long weekend away, keeping you from having to plan out your own trip.

The tour starts you off in Midtown Village, which the locals call a forward-thinking village full of boutiques, lofts and distinctive restaurants. You'll also swing by the Ben Franklin Museum, Independence Hall (where the Liberty Bell sits), Reading Terminal Market and much more.

The full list of stops can be found on their site. Each day averages about 11 stops, so you'll be a Philly know-it-all when you leave.

Traveling around during your entire 3.2 days will be accomplished by foot, car, and public transportation -- whatever makes it easiest for hitting each destination in a timely matter. Don't stress if you feel you can't make all the stops. Everyone needs time to kick back.

As for hotel accommodations, choose the Visit Philly Overnight Hotel package. It includes a two-night stay, free hotel parking, gift, and two free all-day passes for the PHLASH bus with your reservation.

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