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The Pat Collins Snowman Challenge: Entries

Think you can make a better snowman? Show us what you got.



    Pat Collins's Snowman Challenge and Snowstorm Memories

    Pat Collins challenges viewers to build snowmen and remembers winter storms past. Remember Brenda? (Published Wednesday, March 6, 2013)

    When the Washington, D.C. area was hit with a snowstorm Wednesday -- the first significant snow in the region in almost 800 days -- News4's Pat Collins was quick to grab his snow-measuring stick... and issue a challenge.

    He asked viewers to head outside, make a snowman and send in a photo. Creativity was more important than size; the snow was wimpy (or almost non-existent) in some areas.

    The best snow (or snow-less)  creation will be announced in News4's afternoon shows Thursday. Extra points were given to those snowmen that resemble Collins.

    Despite the lack of snow in some places, we were besieged with entries. received HUNDREDS of snowmen images. We got so many that we couldn't upload them all - but we reviewed them, nonetheless.

    The winner will be handsomely rewarded with his or her own Pat Collins Snow Stick -- and a visit from Pat Collins himself!


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