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International Pillow Fight Day: This Is a Thing



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    Fighters battle in Manhattan's Union Square during a massive pillow fight on April 2, 2011.

    The District is one of several cities around the world set to be graced with a series of massive pillow fights this Saturday as part of International Pillow Fight Day.

    We know you're thrilled.

    The first fight will kick off "spontaneously" (yeah, not really) at 2 p.m.

    Here's info from the website:

    "The first pillow fight will break out @ 2pm somewhere on the WW2 side of the Washington Monument Lawn. Gather with your pillow hidden and act like you're just out there to enjoy the day. A couple of our group members will get into a fake yelling match to start the first fight -- only join after you see them pull out pillows."

    The fight will move onto Dupont Circle after that.

    All ages are welcome to attend the event, but there are a few rules if you want to join in the feather-fueled festivities.

    • No down pillows
    • No glasses
    • Keep hits light and friendly (really)
    • Bring garbage bags to help clean up

    More than 400 people participated in last year's event. Similar pillow fights are planned in other U.S. cities, including Baltimore, Dallas and Seattle. Elsewhere around the globe fights are planned in nearly every major city from Paris to Sydney.