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Sinking Gas Station Coming to D.C.



    Sinking Gas Station Coming to SE DC

    A new gas station is coming to the area, and while that wouldn't normally be news, this gas station will be partially under water. The gas station will be located in the middle of the Anacostia River, and it won't be selling gas. News4's Mark Segraves explains. (Published Friday, June 20, 2014)

    If you happen to drive by a gas station sinking into the Anacosta River in the next few months, don't worry -- it was planned.

    This fall, commuters taking the East Capitol Bridge Highway on their way downtown will see a sculpture of what appears to be a normal gas station, except much of it will be underneath water.

    The scultpure is one part the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities' latest project called 5x5, which will feature 25 temporary public artworks displayed around D.C. from September to December.

    While other pieces of public art include paintings,  sound art and performances, this sculpture may just make the biggest splash in town.

    But, why a gas station? Well, the sculpture's artist, Mia Feuer, hopes the attention-grabbing image will bring urgency to questions about climate change, rising sea levels and energy source consumption.

    "In a city of words, it presents an image demanding an intelligent alternative to cars, gas, and oil, in the center of the nation’s capital," Feuer wrote about the concept.

    Feuer will install the sculpture on the banks of the Anacostia River near Heritage Island in Kingman Lake and submerge it into the body of water using cables. The gas station's base will be filled and pumped with water and air to allow the entire structure to float.

    In addition, solar panels will collect and store energy during the day, illuminating the station's bright red signs at night. Along with sneaking a peek as you drive by, there will also be ways to visit the site on foot and via a boat tour.

    For more information about the sculpture and a full list of artwork featured in the 5x5 project, check out their website.