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Kane Has Fun With Texts From Mom and Dad



    Under the Tucson Sun

    Oh, MOM. You sure are clueless. At least, clueless about pop music. (And texting.)

    For a gentle prank of behind-the-times parents everywhere, Hot 99.5's Kane had challeged listeners to text their parents a question: Who is the biggest pop star in the world?

    Then the listeners grabbed a screen shot and shared it with Kane.

    The responses are, as texts from parents can often be, hilarious. The most recent pop star most of the parental victims seem to have heard of is Taylor Swift (though there's a Bieber shoutout in there, too).

    But the really sad ones are the ones that clearly show what generation the parents were born into. There's a fair amount of Madonna references.

    There's even a Neil Diamond.

    And the spelling and autocorrect...well, check it out for yourself in the slideshow below.

    Thanks to the Kane Show for the tip!