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How to Make No-Bake Speedy Peeps

Make this fun Easter treat without the baking hassle



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    Angie Goff

    No-Bake Speedy Peeps



    • Twinkies
    • Bunny-shaped Peeps
    • Mini pretzels
    • Round candy or M&Ms
    • Cake frosting

    Cut a little spot out of the back of the Twinkie and wedge your bunny right in. 

    Break the bottom of the pretzel off and stick in Twinkie right in front of the bunny. 

    Take two marshmallows and cut each in half to create your wheels.

    Use frosting to ‘glue’ your candy on the center of each wheel.

    Use frosting to glue the wheel on the side of the Twinkie.

    EXTRA: Make a race track tray by simply putting a black sheet of paper on the bottom. Using a white chalkboard marker draw lines. Then using a hot glue gun attach green Easter grass or crinkle paper on the edges.