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Half Cop, Half Cab Reminds Against Driving Drunk



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    Washington Regional Alcohol Program

    A stark reminder on the costs of drinking and driving hits the streets in Arlington for the holidays.

    A new car unveiled Tuesday demonstrates that after a night out, you should hire a taxi or run the risk of ending up in the back of a police car.

    The Arlington Police Department and Red Top Cab worked together to create the Chooser Cruiser: Its front half looks like a police car, while its back half looks like a taxi.

    “This fully operable and tactical four-wheel vehicle adorned with the succinct message, ‘Choose your ride,’ aims to serve as a poignant reminder that as drunk driving is a choice, people celebrating with alcohol have a choice in how they are transported at the end of an evening,” said Kurt Erickson, of Washington Regional Alcohol Program.

    Sober Ride will be offering free rides up to $30 around the D.C. area from Dec. 14 through New Year's Eve.