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Bei Bei Takes His Medicine With Sweet Potatoes

Bei Bei underwent an emergency bowel obstruction surgery to remove a dense, masticated lemon-sized mass of bamboo



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    Smithsonian National Zoo

    How do you get a panda cub to take his medicine? By hiding it in his sweet potatoes.

    That’s how the National Zoo is administering Bei Bei’s antibiotics and antacid following emergency surgery Friday, WTOP reported.

    Veterinarians removed a dense, masticated, lemon-sized mass of bamboo from the top of Bei Bei's small intestine, the zoo said Friday

    Bei Bei is successfully nursing from his mother, Mei Xiang, and eating apple and softened biscuits, the zoo said Monday.

    Not on the menu: Bamboo, of course.

    When bamboo is reintroduced into his diet, it will likely be finely cut leaves, the zoo said.

    Keepers are moving Mei Xiang away from Bei Bei during her meals to keep the cub away from bamboo.

    Keepers noticed the 15-month-old cub was showing signs of stomach discomfort and nausea Thursday. They took him to a veterinary hospital the next morning, and vets found the blockage.