12 Days of ZooLights: Cow

12 Days of ZooLights


Haven't made it to the National Zoo this holiday season? Catch up on what you're missing with our 12 Days of ZooLights. From Nov. 23 to Jan. 1, the zoo presents a sparking light display featuring sculptures of many of the zoo’s most popular animals. We're sharing one with you each day.

Today's animal: Cow

Habitat: When cows generally reside in pastures, corrals and barns (go figure), there are also 12 species of wild cattle in the world. Wild cattle usually only give birth to one calf. Calves are born completely helpless but must learn how to move quickly in order to survive attack.

At the zoo: Two cows live at the National Zoo Kids' Farm. Tulip is a dairy breed and Rose is a beef breed.

Zoo history: Rose has called the zoo home since 2004.

Bet you didn’t know... While many people believe cows have four stomachs, cows in fact have four digestive compartments.

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