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Kimmel Blasts Leno Over Oprah Interview



    Kimmel Blasts Leno Over Oprah Interview
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    O yes.

    Jimmy Kimmel responded harshly last night to Jay Leno's claims that he felt "sucker-punched" when Kimmel came on his show and joked about the late-night scandal.

    "Excuse me if I look like I've been crying, it's been an Oprah-whelming day for me," Kimmel said of Leno's Oprah appearance.

    "It's kind-of funny, you know, celebrities usually go on Oprah with these intense, serious interviews to get support from the public after they had sex with their father or married Bobby Brown or something," he said. "Jay Leno went on because they gave him the Tonight Show back. So please, keep him in your prayers."

    The kerfluffle started after Leno invited Kimmel to appear on his segment "10 Questions."

    Kimmel used the opportunity to rib Leno about the Conan imbroglio, but Leno didn't respond. Shortly thereafter, he told Oprah in a broadcast interview that he felt "sucker-punched."

    Check Kimmel's version of the story below: