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D.C.'s Moment of Zen on Daily Show

Pat Collins' snow coverage quip lands on Comedy Central



    D.C.'s Moment of Zen on Daily Show
    Always a professional, Pat Collins maintains good humor in the middle of a snowstorm on Jan. 26, 2011.

    You’re probably used to seeing our very own Pat Collins on the news. You probably aren’t used to our pal Pat on the fake news.

    You were in for a treat if you caught the very end of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Thursday night. You got a Collins cameo, courtesy of his brilliant winter storm coverage.

    As is usually the case, Pat received a sandwich from a local business. His comments about that sandwich, though, would make most high school boys snicker. (They’d also probably prompt The Office’s Michael Scott to quip, “That’s what she said!”)

    We won’t tell you what he said. You’ll have to watch for yourself.


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