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Students Scared Tony Danza on Reality Teach Show



    Students Scared Tony Danza on Reality Teach Show
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    Can you get stage fright on reality TV?

    "Taxi" star Tony Danza admitted that the thought of standing up in front of high school students for his soon-to-be released show, "Teach: Tony Danza," was enough to give him butterflies in the stomach, the L.A. Times reported.

    "You're intellect is on display," he said before a Television Critics Association panel.  "It's nerve-wracking."

    Danza spent the past year teaching English class to 10th graders in Philadelphia's largest high school.

    "I hope the series shows what it’s actually like to be a teacher in a public school in America," Danza told, "and shines a light on some of the problems facing us all as we try to educate our children."

    Danza deals with grading quizzes, teaching band class, and confronting cell phones in the classroom.

    The former "Who's the Boss" star said one of the most surprising lessons he learned while shooting the show was that high school students could text with their phones still in their pockets.

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    "They can look right at you and they're texting.  It's the craziest thing you've ever seen!" he said.

    Danza was offered Kelsey Grammar's role on Broadway in the play "La Cage Aux Folles" during filming of the reality show, but chose to remain on the A&E project.

    Before leaving the TCA press conference, Mr. D did take a shot at another reality TV show thats making an impression with teenagers: Jersey Shore.

    Danza said the MTV show is teaching kids that "bad behavior pays off."

    His new show is set to debut in October.