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Eli Manning "Tebows," Stands Up for Little Brothers on "SNL"

The Giants quarterback scored big on his "Saturday Night Live" debut.



    Eli Manning "Tebows," Stands Up for Little Brothers on "SNL"
    Eli Manning makes his "SNL" hosting debut with skits that poke fun at himself and fellow NFL players.

    It may have been Eli Manning’s first time hosting "Saturday Night Live," but the New York Giants quarterback wasted no time getting into the groove of things like a seasoned pro.

    Manning kicked of the evening’s programming with an opening monologue that poked fun at his transformation from a Southern gentleman to a New York city slicker. Claiming to be an “expert,” he proclaimed the best Italian food in the city can be found at The Olive Garden in New Jersey. After professing his love for the musical “Cats,” Manning then discussed his favorite hobby: walking slowly through Times Square, bulky shopping bags and portly kids in tow.

    Manning did a send-up to older brother Peyton’s “United Way” skit with a mock ad for the “Little Brothers” program.

    The two-time Super Bowl MVP mentored youngsters on how to exact revenge on older brothers by hurling dodge balls and shooting a crossbow at them.

    “Maybe now you’ll learn how to treat your younger brother with some respect, Petyon,” Manning said as he closed the trunk of a car on a kid.

    “My name's not Peyton,” said the kid.

    “Whatever,” Manning dead panned.

    Manning also made references to two other famous NFL-ers: Brett Favre and Tim Tebow. Playing a man on trial for murder, Manning took an indirect shot at Brett Favre’s texting habits. His Favre-like texts were read to the jury, which included a picture of Manning in his underwear with a large banana positioned strategically between his legs. In his first skit, Manning is asked to act out his celebratory moves for a video game. Dressed in a black unitard with motion sensors, he played up his lack of a signature celebration move by “Tebowing,” pretending to dribble a basketball, and making an imaginary sandwich that he drops, and eats. Manning may not have a signature celebratory move, but his SNL hosting duties echoed his usual performance on the field: solid, and no major fumbles.