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Jon: Gosselin Clan Made "Just" $1M Last Year

Lawyer says sum isn't enough considering TLC's success



    Jon: Gosselin Clan Made "Just" $1M Last Year
    Jon Gosselin thinks family deserves more money for Jon & Kate Plus 8 television show.

    Recently booted reality star Jon Gosselin said in an interview he and his family made around $1 million last year for their participation in TLC's "Jon and Kate Plus 8."

    "After taxes it’s $500,000 divided by ten,” Gosselin told Larry King in an Oct. 1 interview.

    He also said the money was paid out to the entire Gosselin family, “not broken out,” in accordance to their contract.

    Gosselin’s attorney, Mark Jay Heller, said this sum was paltry, considering “TLC made $186 million, rumor has it, for the quarter, attributable to the Jon & Kate show.”

    Heller said, because of its success the television network has “become a monster in Jon’s mind."

    Gosselin and the producers of "Jon & Kate Plus 8" have been at odds in the aftermath of the couple's split. Earlier this week, TLC announced the show would be renamed "Kate Plus 8," with a downsized role for Jon Gosselin. Gosselin, in turn, filed court papers to slow his pending divorce, then got an injunction halting taping of the new show in the couple's Wernersville, Pa., home.

    Gosselin claimed he sought the court order to stop the show from consuming the lives of his kids.

    “Jon’s not going to let the monster swallow up his family," Heller said.