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It's Reboot Casting Time! Who Should and Who Shouldn't Be a New Charlie's Angel



    It's Reboot Casting Time! Who Should and Who Shouldn't Be a New Charlie's Angel
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    Jennifer Garner was born April 17, 1972 in Houston.

    At first, the news that ABC would be remaking Charlie's Angels made me roll my eyes in annoyance at yet another remake, as I'm sure it caused most people to do, but after looking closer at the story, I kind of think it could be fun. Josh Friedman, former showrunner of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, is writing and executive producing this remake as well, and he's actually a very smart guy, and a good writer, despite Terminator's storytelling missteps. At the very least, he writes women well, and as long he doesn't fall into the traps of turning Charlie's Angels into a character melodrama, as Fox's Terminator budget cuts forced him to on that show, this could be the kick-ass, female-driven, addictive series that Dollhouse was supposed to be, if they're careful, and if they cast it right. I can't write the scripts for them, but I can tell you who has Angel potential and who is Olivia Wilde (for example). Here are our Charlie's Angels casting hopes and dreams.

    Summer Glau
    She's the best and most obvious casting choice for this by far -- beloved by geeks, has a professional history with Friedman, is beautiful, can actually act, and kicks butt like The Statham. I say smash your piggy bank and do whatever it takes to cast her if you're serious about making a decent Charlie's Angels, ABC.

    Katee Sackhoff
    The only woman alive who kicks on-screen butt harder than Summer Glau is Starbuck herself. And if they try and go the McG film route with the characters for familiarity reasons, she'd be a much more convincing biker chick than fricking Drew Barrymore ever was.

    Grace Park
    Battlestar's over and we didn't watch The Cleaner, so we miss her. I don't know how funny she is, but her action chops and acting ability are definitely worth considering.

    Katie Cassidy
    After Melrose is canceled, she's going to need a job, and while that show is a garbage can full of cheap soap, she is so awesome she almost makes it watchable (almost). Give her some kung fu lessons and feather her hair, she's a perfect Angel.

    Dana Davis
    We've lamented the loss of Dana Davis on Heroes before on the site, but if you didn't watch Season 2 of that show, first of all, congratulations on the 11 hours of your life you didn't waste that I did, and secondly, I'm sorry you missed Dana's copycat character Monica, because she was the only good thing about the entire season. Attractive, very likable, and able to absorb martial arts and acrobatic moves from the television set? Let's get her off 10 Things I Hate About You and Angel her up.

    And neither of these would ever happen, but they sure would be great:
    Sarah Michelle Gellar
    She just had a baby, and she doesn't need the money (would you ever work again if you were her? I wouldn't!), but she'd be fantastic in this atmosphere and obviously a very big draw.

    Jennifer Garner
    It'd be like having Sydney Bristow back! This is a long shot, but it's not like she's been knocking it out of the park with her film choices since Alias ended, and she does have that development deal with ABC. Hmm...

    Evangeline Lilly
    I know Lost is almost over, and that she is a pretty girl who knows how to throw a punch, but please, god, no more Evangeline Lilly. On anything.

    Lindsay Price
    I feel like this one's a foregone conclusion, as she just lost an ABC show and may still have a contract to run out with them, but even though she has showkilled all the fluffy romantic shows she's been a series regular on, I seriously doubt she's got any action chops either. Resist the urge for an easy placement, ABC.

    Hayden Panettiere
    Heroes may well have wrapped by the time Charlie's Angels goes into production, and while I actually wouldn't mind seeing Hayden pop up on a CW dramedy or something eventually (just not Gossip Girl, please), Tough, Sexy Action Girl is just not a role that suits her. Remember Evil Future Claire? And how laughable that was? This would be an entire series of that.

    Lena Headey
    Josh Friedman, we know you're obsessed with her, but she should be making Merchant Ivory films, not kicking people in stilettos.

    Kristen Bell
    We all wish the best for Veronica Mars, but I just don't think a remake of Charlie's Angels is going to be the turning point in her recent career of endless terrible decisions. And she was always more brains-over-brawn on Veronica, and had that electricity power fighting her battles for her on Heroes, so we've never even seen her do any real fisticuffs that I can recall. This isn't the job for her.

    Eliza Dushku
    She's a beautiful woman, and she seems like an absolute blast to hang out with, but she simply cannot act.

    Kristin Kreuk
    I don't even want to think about how awful she would be, but I think we all know that it would be very, very, very awful.

    Michelle Trachtenberg
    Remarkably, Mercy has not been cancelled yet, but if it is axed in the near future, I worry that her plucky, quirky persona (and pretty hair) may be irresistible to someone casting Charlie's Angels, but bless her, she can't act either.

    Olivia Wilde
    I'd love to see her gone from House as much as the next person, but this is not the way. Don't even think about it, ABC.

    And just for good measure, I'd also like to switch Bosley's gender and cast Lucy Lawless in the role, hire Victor Garber's voice for Charlie (ABC does love him, and he'd be like the Gossip Girl of Charlie's Angels!), and pepper in Gina Torres, Amy Acker, Tricia Helfer and Sonja Sohn as recurring villains (kind of like a super version of The Misfits on Jem), but this is just fan fiction at this point.

    Your casting ideas? Discuss them below!