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America's Next Top Model: Dance With Me

Bring on the giant tie-dye snails! No, really. That happened



    America's Next Top Model: Dance With Me
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    Smize! It's ANTM.

    This week is all about movement, as perennial favorite Benny Ninja appears to teach the girls about expressing themselves through their bodies -- a skill also known as dance. Li'l Mama shows up to help and has sweaty armpits throughout the entire episode, which is rather endearing from those of us who layer on the Certain Dri to no avail.

    As if these special guests weren't enough, the Jabbawockeez also appear. In case you don't know who the Jabbawockeez are, they won some dance show that is not either of the famous dance shows that you probably have heard of, and basically look like a dance troupe straight out of your nightmares. [Should be noted that Jabbawockeez won the dance show that Li'l Mama judges, so I'm sure there was some sort of method to this madness. -- Angel] They sport white masks and Justin Timberlake hats. Terrifying. But boy do they know how to show emotion… through dance!

    The girls learn that they will have to divide into teams and perform after a performance by the Jabbawockeez, and in said performance must express the emotions of happiness, sadness and anger. As we have heard all season, Ashley is a dancer. She happens to be weighed down with teammates Nicole and Erin, and her team ends up being the worst. She blames it all on them and says that she would have taken the prize had she been by herself, which is annoying but probably true. Feeling bad, Ashley calls her mom for some moral support. Kara, Jennifer and Rae win the challenge and some very expensive jewelry. As it turns out, Kara is something of a smack talker. Which, join the club.

    The girls get a video message from Mr. Jay, telling them to pack a bag and get on a plane because their shoot is going to be in Las Vegas. And what would a Vegas shoot be without a Cirque de Soleil theme? Bring on the giant tie-dye snails! The girls must shoot their photos in teams of three (along with some creepily masked Cirque extras), and in the end Brittany and Rae's awesomeness saves Jennifer. They get the collective best photo of the week. Kara and Ashley are not so lucky, and they land in the bottom two. Kara's DNA saves her, and Ashley returns to the obscurity from which Tyra plucked her and is sent home.