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Mary J. Blige Didn't Slug Hubby: Rep

"No More Drama" singer denies causing major drama



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    Singer Mary J. Blige's rep has denied reports that she got in a fight with her hubby at a club.

    Mary J. Blige is hitting back at reports that she threw a punch at her hubby at a record release party in New York City earlier this week.

    "Mary was not fighting with her husband," Blige spokeswoman Karynne Tencer told the New York Daily News. "Her husband and her brother got into an altercation that turned into a fight. Mary went to break up the fight."

    The detailed rebuttal came after the News and New York Post cited witnesses who said the “No More Drama” hip-hop maven had smacked Kendu Isaacs at the swanky M2 Ultralounge in Chelsea on Tuesday, then warned him not to even think about “going Chris Brown on me.”

    Sources told the tabloids Blige was fuming because her husband had apparently been stealing a few too many looks at, or had been flirting, with their waitress.

    Tencer, rep for the Grammy-winning artist, couldn't answer what sparked the argument between the Blige’s brother and her husband.

    But Tencer denied that during the kerfuffle Blige had compared anyone to Brown, the R&B crooner and convicted Rihanna-abuser. 

    "She never mentioned Chris Brown," Tencer told the News. "Mary and Kendu went home together.

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    "They're as happy as can be. They're spending the holidays together with their three children. Everything's great."

    Blige is currently promoting her new album "Stronger With Each Tear."