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“Thor” Strikes Again at Box Office



    “Thor” Strikes Again at Box Office
    The god of Thunder continues to rule the box office.

    By the hammer of Thor!

    For the second week in a row, “Thor” proved to be the most powerful earner.

    The raunchy comedy “Bridesmaids” didn’t do too badly though—it earned a very respectable $24.6 million opening weekend to “Thor”’s $34.5 million.

    The total for the Paramount 3-D superhero flick? An estimated $119.2 million. Though, as the Associated Press reports, that’s not nearly as impressive as the revenue “Iron Man 2” was bringing in after two weeks in the box office this time last year—a hefty $211.2 million.

    Other openers this weekend didn’t fare so well. “Priest,” the 3-D horror/action hybrid brought in an unenthused $14.5 million, though it cost Sony’s Screen Gems a whopping $60 million to make.

    Will Ferrel’s limited release dramedy “Everything Must Go” brought in a respectable $825,000 from 218 theaters.

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