This Maryland Corn Maze Features Taylor Swift’s Face

Summers Farm

Seeing Taylor Swift in person may be much easier than purchasing a pricey concert ticket this fall.

Summers Farm in Frederick, Maryland modeled its 12-acre corn maze after the Grammy winner and included the words "dare to be different."

Farm owner Jeff Greenwood, a longtime fan, picked Swift as the maze's theme this year, saying he wanted to highlight Swift's messages of self-confidence and staying true to oneself.

"We always try to find someone that is unique and connects to our customers, and we feel that Taylor is an amazing person.... We just feel that she is just a real, honest, true person who believes in being herself and tries to help people build confidence in themselves," Greenwood told NBC Washington.

Greenwood called Swift "an amazing role model, not just for the youth but for just anybody, because she really is an honest, true person. She truly believes in, you are who you are and that's who you should be. That's what we should be, also."

Swift herself posted an Instagram of the maze with the caption "Lawn goals."

Want to give it a try? The maze will be open from Sept. 26 to Nov. 1 this year. Be prepared to stay awhile, because navigating through Swift's face could take up to two hours -- although it could take as little as 30 minutes. Check out a flyover video of the maze here.

The maze is divided into phases to accommodate all age groups, according to Summers Farm's website.

Previous years' mazes were modeled after 2012 presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, as well as local sports teams such as the Baltimore Ravens and Washington Redskins.
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