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Internet Debates Which Seat on the NYC Subway Really is the Best

The answer may depend on how long one is riding the subway for, and the rider's height

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What to Know

  • The first great internet debate of the decade is already underway: Which is the best seat in the subway?
  • A Twitter user posed the question and has gotten thousands of replies
  • Most seem to prefer seat 1 or 5, though for those of a certain height, seat 4 got a lot of support

Just two days into 2020, and we already have our first great internet debate of the new decade.

The internet seems to be divided over a question that’s very important for New Yorkers: Which seat on the subway is best?

The debate centers around seats found on a number of the older subway lines, where there are three seats in the usual position facing the center of the car next to two seats facing forward. The first three seats are numbered 1-3, while the other two are 4 and 5.

All of the uproar started with a tweet by user @gplatinum, from the Bronx, who asked “All my New Yorkers, which is the best seat?” That got thousands of retweets, likes and replies from all over the city and spectrum.

The general consensus is that numbers 1 and 5 seem to be the most optimal places to sit (seat 1 gives the most elbow room and is close to the doors, while 5 also can give a rider some free space especially if seat 4 is empty), with some supporters for 3.

There were some who vouched for seat 4, saying it’s nice to tuck oneself in the corner away from everyone. However, others pointed out that taller individuals could never be comfortable in the seat, and others said it’s least convenient to get out of a crowded train from that position.

The MTA weighed in on the debate, saying that picking one seat over another is like picking a favorite child.

The question has also sparked debate in other cities as well, as they compare the seating options on their respective mass transit systems.

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