Hollywood Sends Their Support to Texas After Winter Storm

Chrissy Teigen, Jenna Bush Hager and "Real Housewives of Dallas" stars speak out on social media and share ways to help residents struggling without power

From left to right, Jenna Bush Hager, Chrissy Teigen and Stephanie Hollman.
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Texas is in need of help from the American people.

After a winter storm passed through the Lone Star state earlier this week, millions of residents were left without power. According to NBC News, half a million people in Texas were still without electricity on Thursday, Feb. 18.

One familiar face who experienced the power crisis first-hand was "Real Housewives of Dallas" star Stephanie Hollman. In an Instagram video, the Bravo star shared how her family was coping with help from a fireplace.

"3rd day without electricity at our home," she wrote. "I know so many of you are cold, scared and just trying to keep your family warm. Sending you my love and prayers. Check on your friends and neighbors, especially the elderly who may be unable to reach out for help. All my love to you."

On top of power outages, many counties in Texas faced water service disruptions while others were ordered to boil tap water before drinking. As first responders and essential workers labor around the clock to bring aid to others, many in Hollywood are sending support to residents. Keep scrolling to see their messages.

Stars in the Snow

Jenna Bush Hager: "My beloved state is hurting. Here is how you can help. #lovethyneighbor."

Kerry Washington: "Texas needs our help. There are organizations on the ground that need our assistance in helping Texans stay warm and safe. Donate, call, share, volunteer, pray. Whatever you can do to help!"

Leah Remini: "#LoveThyNeighbor"

Kendrick Sampson: "I have heard stories of people found dead. People burning trying to warm themselves. Hospitals/Medical Centers without water or heat. The implications of this are unimaginable. And the culpability of these companies and legislators is EVIL. Once again WE KEEP US SAFE. I'm worried about my people and my home state and home town. Please do what you can and share!"

Bethenny Frankel: "Given the current humanitarian crisis in Texas, #BStrong is loading trucks of aid to distribute to those ravaged by power outages, sub zero temperatures, lack of and contaminated water, death, and homelessness. Thank you to our new transport partner, @thencsgroup, for making this effort possible."

Lala: "Please pray for Texas but let's also try and help those in desperate need if you can. It's heartbreaking what's happening there. Swipe to see some ways we can all help and contribute. If anyone knows any other important information or ways to help please post it in the comments. Texas needs us...we gotta step up."

Diddy: "Pray for Texas."

Sanaa Lathan: "What's happening in Texas is not a joke. People could die in these below freezing temperatures w/ no power i.e. heat. Let's do what we can to help. #LoveThyNeighborTX #lovethyneighbor."

Pee-wee Herman: "Sending love and hope to Texas! Please stay as safe and warm as possible!"

Brooklyn Decker: "A few resources for texans seeking help, and the last slide for people who are able to provide help. @austinmutualaid"

Viola Davis: "Texas needs our help. There are organizations on the ground that need our assistance in helping Texans stay warm and safe. Donate, call, share, volunteer, pray. Whatever you can do to help! I'll continue to share info and resources on my stories. Stay tuned and stay safe."

Dr. Tiffany Moon: "URGENT help needed!! We have over 100 women and children who have been displaced from our shelter due to a burst pipe. They are ok and in temporary housing but we need to find a solution as this will take WEEKS to repair. I have been reaching out to all our hotel connections but if anyone has ANY leads on housing for about 120 women and children for 4-6 weeks, please message me privately. We need all the help we can get. Thank you everyone and please stay safe."

Alyssa Milano: "Texas! I'm thinking of you! Anyone looking to help the great people of Texas you can follow @betoorourke for news, ways you can help and resources. He is personally making calls with his Powered By People to Texans to make sure they are ok. More info on what you can do at PoweredXPeople.org."

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