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Fallon Lip Sync Battle, 'Shake It Off' Dance: Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2015

YouTube presents a walk down viral memory lane



    Fallon Lip Sync Battle, 'Shake It Off' Dance: Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2015
    Dover Police Department, NBC via YouTube
    Videos of a police officer and Will Ferrell lip synching made YouTube's top viral videos of 2015 list.

    Another year, another slew of viral videos. YouTube has released its Top Trending Videos of 2015 playlist as part of its annual YouTube Rewind. The most popular video this year was of 4-year-old Heaven King and her dance crew performing to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)," the debut single by 17-year-old American rapper Silentó.

    So, from the sublime to the ridiculous, here are the Top 10 trending YouTube videos of the year:

    1. "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" is arguably this year's hit dance, as well as hit song. Combine that with the impressive choreography of 4-year-old Heaven King and her dance crew, and it's easy to see why this video has scored an astronomical 116 million views.

    2. He will look for you. He will find you. And he will... play you? That's right: Award-winning actor Liam Neeson is narrating a commercial for a mobile app. The Super Bowl commercial has garnered 83 million views.

    3. YouTube star Roman Atwood decided to prank longtime girlfriend Brittney Smith by turning their living room into a giant ball pit. The kids loved it. Mom loved it. And over 56 million viewers loved it, too.

    4. On a more serious note, the Ad Council launched its "Love Has No Labels" campaign this year to combat implicit bias and embrace diversity. Apparently, the campaign paid off, with 55 million people embracing — or at least watching — the video.

    5. In what will surely go down as one of the most legendary lip sync battles in human history, Jimmy Fallon faced off with "Get Hard" stars Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart, with a cameo by Drew Barrymore. The video received 54 million views.

    6. What do you do when you're James Corden and you land Justin Bieber as a guest on your late-night show? You sing karaoke in the car with him, then make him solve a Rubik's cube. Over 43 million people sang along, too, though we can't estimate how many additional Rubik's cubes they solved.

    7. Philosophers have long debated the eternal quandary: What does it look like to wear a giant water balloon and then pop it in slow motion? Well, now we know, and the curiosity of 40 million YouTube viewers has been sated.

    8. English pop star Calum Scott burst onto the scene with his cover of Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" on "Britain's Got Talent." The performance so moved judge Simon Cowell, in addition to the rest of the judging panel and the studio audience, that he pressed the Golden Buzzer, awarding Scott an automatic place in the live shows. The video has since serenaded 38 million viewers.

    9. Who says protecting and serving can't be fun, too? The Dover, Delaware, Police Department's dash-cam video of Master Cpl. Jeff Davis cruising and moving to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" has racked up 37 million views.

    10. Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel's #MeanTweets sketches feature celebrities reading aloud tweets from everyday people who don't care for them very much. So, when Kimmel invited President Barack Obama to take part, the results were that much more epic. With 34 million views, the video rounds out the Top 10.