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School Buses Fall in Love in Music Video Ahead of Valentine's Day



    Now's the time of year when romance is in the air, and even a pair of yellow school buses are pairing up and finding their happily-ever-after moment.

    The buses are the stars of a music video making the rounds on the Internet just before Valentine's Day. They fall in love, go on dates around LA and fly off into the sunset.

    David Janove, who directed the video for "Someday" by LA-based duo The Singer and The Songwriter, says when he first heard the song he thought of a love story with a fantastical element.

    "I was listening to this song and I had this idea. I wanted to do something crazy," Janove said.

    The video begins with a missed love connection by two bus drivers (played by The Singer and The Songwriter), but their buses fall in love and do things couples do, including stand in line at the movies in Los Feliz, go on a picnic at Elysian Park and sunbathe at El Matador State beach.

    The video was shot over four days last summer with the help of Janove's college buddies. It took another six months to add the visual effects - 28 in total - for a finished product that mixes a bit of humor to a love story about an unlikely couple.

    "I thought it was funny because school buses are so gigantic that they seem so out of place," the 27-year-old director said. "Automatically every image of a school bus in a date setting is funny because they're so much bigger than everybody else."

    He said he chose school buses not only because of their size, but also because of their association with childhood and idealized love.

    In the end, the bus drivers also get together.

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