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Morgan Freeman Grabs Some Shut-Eye During Interview

Veteran actor probably wouldn't have minded pulling a disappearing act and heading back to bed after this sit-down



    Morgan Freeman Grabs Some Shut-Eye During Interview
    Q13 Fox
    Michael Caine (l.) and Morgan Freeman

    Did you hear the one about Morgan Freeman falling asleep during a TV interview?

    The 75-year-old Oscar winner couldn't help catching some spontaneous Z's during a live chat with Seattle's Q13 Fox News morning crew early Wednesday while his more sprightly 80-year-old costar Michael Caine hyped their new crime caper, "Now You See Me."

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    If you watch the clip, you'll see Freeman dozing off, not once but a couple of times as his fellow acting legend talked about all the neat magic tricks the movie's magician characters pull off without computer effects.

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    A little ways into the chat, Morgan's head briefly slumps forward, but he recovers quickly enough to answer one more question.

    Somebody conjure the poor guy up a cup of coffee.

    "Now You See Me" follows an FBI agent and an Interpol detective tracking a team of illusionists who use their skills during performances to rob banks and reward their audiences with the money. It hits theaters on May 31.

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