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WATCH: Man Recreates "Blues Brothers" Scene from Legos



    Man Recreates 'Blues Brothers' Scene from Legos

    One apparent "Blues Brothers" fanatic has broken down the film’s iconic mall chase, literally.

    The talented Lego enthusiast built the Old Dixie Square Mall scene out of tiny Lego pieces, and even incorporated Lego versions of Jake and Elwood Blues.

    The Australian builder and creator of Lego community website, Duncan McConchie, made a frame-by-frame movie recreating the scene and posted it to YouTube. The video, which was published Monday, soon went viral.

    “I have been a fan of the Blues Brothers since I was really young and the chase through the shopping mall has always been a favorite,” McConchie said in a video about how he made the clip.

    McConchie said he watched the scene over and over again to study every element from camera angles to costumes to the size of the sets and more.

    He said the most “tedious” part of making the video was filming the glass breaking when the car drives through a J.C. Penney window.

    The suburban Chicago mall featured in the "Blues Brothers" film was torn down last year, after 30-plus years.

    “Although we will always remember the Dixie Mall as the location for one of the most iconic scenes in ‘The Blues Brothers’ movie," Quinn said, "it is time for this now vacant building to be torn down to make way for more economic development for the Harvey community.”