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Photo Oops: "Downton Abbey's" Continuity Mistake



    Photo Oops: "Downton Abbey's" Continuity Mistake

    The Dowager Countess would so not approve!

    Ahead of its fifth season, "Downton Abbey" has released new photos of its cast, dressed in their usual authentic period pieces. Business as usual.

    Except for the fact that one of the photos had one pretty big error: someone left a plastic water bottle in the background.

    In a portrait of Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville) and Lady Edith (Laura Carmichael) released by PBS, you'll notice the seriously era-inappropriate prop on the mantle behind the dapper duo. Talk about a big blunder.

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    But what if the bottle was not an error caused by a fear of dehydration of one of the actors or photogs working on the shoot? Could it secretly be a clue to what the fifth season is all about? Did the Crawleys actually invent the plastic bottle?!

    Nah, we're pretty sure it was just left on the mantle. Here's hoping they recycled it after.

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    If you were curious, season five will pick up six months after the season four finale, finding the family somewhere around 1924. (And technically, plastic was invented before this. So you never know!).

    "Downton Abbey" returns Jan. 4, 2015 on PBS.

    See the full-size photo below:

    Photo credit: @DowntonAbbey

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