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Fans Slam Trebek After He Mocks 'Nerd' on 'Jeopardy'

Jeopardy fans turned on on the host quickly when he mocked one fan as a loser.



    Alex Trebek upset some fans Wednesday when he mocked one contestant’s taste in music on "Jeopardy."

    Susan Cole, who works as a legislative librarian in Bowie, Maryland, told Trebek that her preferred musical genre was "nerdcore" hip-hop. When Trebek admitted that he didn’t know what nerdcore was, Cole explained it in her own words.

    "It’s people who identify as nerdy, rapping about the things they love — video games, science fiction, having a hard time meeting romantic partners," she said. "It’s really catchy and fun."

    "Losers, in other words," Trebek replied.

    While the audience roared with laughter, and even Cole laughed good-naturedly, social media users took to Twitter to criticize the jab.

    “Shocked and ashamed of #AlexTrebek 's words. Shocked that @Jeopardy actually aired his words,” wrote one.

    Another commented on the game show’s lack of tactical marketing strategy: “#alextrebek and @Jeopardy managed to cross their biggest audience. Losers? Really?” Still another implied that Trebek was grumpy, tweeting that he "needs to eat a snickers." 

    Philadelphia-based nerdcore artist Mega Ran responded to the comment with a video while on tour in Birmingham, Alabama. "Alex Trebek, you lost a lot of respect," he rapped. "I gotta’ check you off the rip for coming outta’ your neck. Talking sideways on geeks, man you a trip. Guess you haven’t heard, nerds make up half of your viewership." 

    But Cole didn’t let the insult distract her. She walked away with $22,600, and will return to "Jeopardy" Thursday to defend her winning title. Mega Ran applauded her success, ending his rap with "Suck it, Trebek."

    "But Susan got the last laugh," he said. "20 grand in cash. And to go to all my shows, you don’t even have to ask."