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Week One of the "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Vlog

Conan's replacement gets some comments, shows off his set, and has a confused announcer



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    Jimmy Fallon debuted the site for his new show, when he takes over for Conan O'Brien. The vlog gives fans an opportunity to watch short video updates as the show takes shape.

    Consider it a soft opening for a new television show host. Jimmy Fallon bowed his show vlog this week.

    The short video segments last about five minutes and give fans or the simply curious a glimpse at what Conan O'Brien's replacement  has to offer when he takes over as a 12:30am talker. In the following video, Fallon says he's excited that Jay Leno will host a primetime talk show, meaning he'll be the third hour of talk show available to viewers.

    Fred Armisen joins Fallon so the host can practice his skills interviewing difficult guests.

     And viewers get to meet the show's announcer, who seems a little confused about Fallon's career path.