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Suzanne Somers' Secret To Staying Sexy… & Sexual!



    Suzanne Somers' Secret To Staying Sexy… & Sexual!
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    Suzanne Somers has revealed her sexy secrets.

    At age 64, Suzanne Somers is the picture of health, but that wasn't always the case for the iconic Hollywood blond.

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000, the former "Three's Company" beauty announced she was cancer free in 2007, thanks to an alternative hormone treatment, which she credits for saving her life.

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    But as Billy Bush and Kit Hoover found out on Monday morning's Access Hollywood Live, that wasn't the only benefit of the hormone treatment – it also spruced up her sex life!

    "This template that we see of aging right now doesn't have to be, but you have to start now," Suzanne told Billy and Kit, adding that there was a time when she was feeling the effects of aging.

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    "The first thing that I noticed is that I could have sex — but frankly, I would rather have a smoothie. I mean, that's where my mind was," she explained. "I was thinking, 'What is this? I used to love this!'"

    The author of 18 books on healthy and beauty, Suzanne is an advocate of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, a natural way of replacing the hormones that decrease with age.

    "You put it back in the form of a cream, individualized just for you. You don't just slap it as one size fits all," Suzanne revealed. "You come back better than you ever were."

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    While it may be a hard sell for some, one celebrity who won't argue with the results is Jenny McCarthy, who says her sex drive was sent into overdrive by too much of the treatment.

    "I put too much on and it took my Scorpio to a level 10. I was out!" Jenny told Billy and Kit during her recent visit to Access Hollywood Live, of her already heightened sexuality, which she owes to her Zodiac sign.

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    As it turns out, Jenny had called Suzanne to tell her about it.

    "I remember when she called me," Suzanne laughed. "I have a lot of celebrities calling me, going, 'Um, where do you get this?'"

    And it's not just celebrities who turn to Suzanne for advice. A sought-after speaker, she is bringing her talk on aging and vitality to theaters in her "Breakthrough Tour," which is in theaters on the select dates of November 4 and November 9.

    "It will tell you how to put yourself back together again – how to feel good," she explained.

    As it turns out, she may be headed back to the small screen, as well – if she gets her way. Suzanne said she'd like to be on "Dancing with the Stars," despite the objection of her husband of 33 years, Alan Hamel.

    "My husband says I can't dance. I'm still pushing for it, but my husband is my manager and he said, 'Really? Really? You want to stand there with those three people telling you what a lousy dancer you are?!?'" she laughed with Billy and Kit. "I don't know. It looks like fun to me."

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