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"Starmaker" Mottola to Pen Tell-All



    "Starmaker" Mottola to Pen Tell-All

    Tommy Mottola discovered Mariah, Shakira and Beyonce and he's about to tell the world how he did it.

    The music mogul has signed a deal to write a book tentatively titled "The las Starmaker," detailing his rise from a failed singer to the top of the music industry. The book is due out in early 2012 from Grand Central Publishing.

    "It's time to tell his story," a friend of Mottola told the New York Post. "The music industry is virtually over. Cream will always rise to the top. But the days of starmaking are over. Kids today only want one song, not the album, and they don't know who the artist is."

    Mottola is likely to dump on Walter Yetnikoff, who brought him into CBS Records, and then famously turned on him, trashing him in his 2004 memoir, "Howling at the Moon."

    Mottola will also address the widely held perception thathe was a jealous svengali over Carey. His pals told the Post that Carey, who was quite young at the time, came from a "confusing upbringing. Sudden success is enough to intoxicate anybody and to distort the perception of anybody and anything around them."

    Mottola will relate how he signed Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez and then found a song for them to sing as a duet, which was the beginning of their love affair.

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