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Scoop: King’s Alleged Affair a Headache for Staff



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law
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    Affair rumors have dogged the CNN host.

    According to several sources close to the “Larry King Live” show, rumors that King was having an affair with his current wife’s sister have been a longtime issue. “For years, we were dealing with these rumors,” said one source. “We were always trying to do damage control on this situation.”

    To be specific, the source said that “this situation” was specific to King’s relationship with wife Shawn Southwick’s sister, Shannon Engemann. The source said, “It wasn’t rumors that Larry was having an affair with just anyone, it was always about him being with Shannon.”

    Another source said that the rumors linking King to Engemann date “more than five years” back. “It’s surprising that it took this long to get out,” said that source.

    Kate moving to L.A.?
    Jon Gosselin is telling press that he’s not happy about the possibility that his ex-wife, Kate, might move to L.A.

    What? Kate is moving to L.A.? Not so fast.

    A rep for Kate sets the record straight. “She has no plans to move,” said her publicist. “She said during an interview if she had a job here (in L.A.) she would consider it.”

    Peace between Don Henley and the Eagles?
    The Eagles are going on tour together this summer, and frontman Don Henley is making it sound like peace among all the band members is difficult to come by.

    In the new Rolling Stone, Henley said, “Things are peaceful, but we haven’t seen each other since New Year’s Eve. There are rarely flare-ups, but I have to bite my tongue fairly often. Eventually, I’m either going to have to get a tongue transplant or quit the band.”

    The Eagles are sharing billing this summer with the Dixie Chicks and Keith Urban, and Henley dropped a hint about the tour that will surely please longtime fans. “We will not be playing any brand new things,” said Henley. “Despite what the critics think, that never works.”


    Weekend box office
    This could be an interesting weekend at the box office. “Kick-Ass” is opening, and it stands to do well, thanks to a big marketing campaign and a little head start with tickets. (It opens at 10 p.m. Thursday night.) Why is this interesting? Because “Kick-Ass” is rated R, and R-rated films don’t often open at No. 1, as I predict “Kick-Ass” will.

    The other contender is “Death at a Funeral,” the comedy starring Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence. “Death” is also rated R and will do well, but not well enough for No. 1.

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