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Rosie O'Donnell: "Lindsay Lohan Needs a Severe Intervention"



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    Rosie O'Donnell has a new girlfriend, People reported. The comedienne is dating artist Tracy Kachtick-Anders. Rosie announced in November that her longtime girlfriend Kelli Carpenter had moved out more than two years ago.

    First Dr. Drew Pinsky said he would have Lindsay Lohan arrested in order to get her help and now Rosie O'Donnell is calling for an intervention for the starlet.

    "Lindsay Lohan needs a severe intervention," she told Access Hollywood's Tony Potts when he recently caught up with the always outspoken star on the set of the Lifetime original series "Drop Dead Diva."

    "She's a kid from Exit 51 on Long Island… that's exactly where I grew up," she told Access. "There were like five people that were famous in the area where we grew up and she's one of them, and it makes me very sad."

    Rosie, who is a mother of four, said she doesn't understand why Dina Lohan doesn't take control of her daughter's life.

    "Lindsay Lohan's mother grew up one town over from where I did. I'm the same age as her mother," she continued. "I look at Lindsay and think, 'That could be my child.' Literally. And all I want to do is help her and save her and I wonder why her mother does not."

    The 23-year-old "Mean Girls" star isn't the only celebrity in the news that the always-outspoken Rosie has strong feelings about.

    "It never ends, it keeps like cancer, It keeps dividing and multiplying," Rosie said of the nation's obsession with celebrity culture. "Kate Gosselin is suddenly a celebrity. She's 'Dancing with the Stars' with a new face and new teeth and her eight children are at home. I don't know, it's out of control."

    Rosie's also not too fond about the Twitter trend sweeping the country, telling Access, "You're not really gonna think about the homeless crisis, you're not gonna think about how many peoples' houses have been foreclosed on when you get to read about how many people Tiger Woods had an affair with."

    Tune in to Access Hollywood on Thursday evening to see our full new interview with Rosie!

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