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Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50

The Panthers battle the Broncos at Levi's Stadium on Feb. 7

Kardashian Gets Props in Super Bowl Betting

Gentlemen, place your bets on Kim Kardashian's assets



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    LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 03: Kim Kardashian attends the Kardashian Charity Knock Out at the Commerce Casino on November 3, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Kim Kardashian

    Leave it to Kim Kardashian to save us in times of a recession.

    Reggie Bush's main squeeze leads the list of prop bets that could win you big bucks if you place the right bets during the Super Bowl telecast on Feb 7.

    Sure you could bet the Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans traditionally, but where's the fun in that?

    Las Vegas is practically giving money away with some of the prop choices this year.

    Is there a bookie in their right mind that really thinks CBS will show Kardashian less than two times? She'll cover the over on that one by the kick off. And yes, she will likely be shown more times than Eli and Archie Manning combined.

    You can also bet on if an NFL player will get busted on South Beach before the Super Bowl. We're checking the court dockets as we speak to see if that's already been done. The better bet might have been if a player in the game actually gets arrested. That's happened here before. Take the over.

    And you should definitely bet the house on announcers mentioning Hurricane Katrina every time the New Orleans Saints have the football. Take the over.

    While arrests and a heaping helping of Kardashian's assets are sure things in our eyes, there are a few more challenging wagers for the experienced betters.

    Vegas couldn't help but jump on the Tim Tebow bandwagon and the odds appear to favor betting CBS will show his controversial ad during the Super Bowl.

    Will Carrie Underwood fly through the National Anthem or pull a Whitney Houston and delay kick off by 30 minutes? "American Idol" preaches speed so take the under on 1 minute and 42 seconds. 

    And just to make you stick around for halftime, Vegas has rolled out a series of titillating The Who bets that could make you miss the Lingerie Bowl.

    If Pete Townsend isn't attacked by protesters outside Sun Life Stadium, how many times do you think he will do his trademark windmill move? The line is at 5 and considering he is nearly 100-years old, we might have to push on that one.