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Jason Alexander Pledges to Trim the Fat With Jenny Craig

George Costanza will be newest Jenny Craig spokesperson



    Jason Alexander Pledges to Trim the Fat With Jenny Craig
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    Funny guy Jason Alexander's hitting Hartford this weekend. Fun? You bet.

    Former "Seinfeld" star Jason Alexander just can't bear looking at himself on TV anymore -- and it has nothing to do with all the despicable things his character George did in the sitcom.

    Alexander is getting too fat and he's doing something about it. The comedian has signed up to be the latest guinea pig and spokesperson for Jenny Craig and is looking to shed 30 to 40 pounds.

    "It’s like someone’s clubbing me over the head it’s so obvious I should be doing this,” he told People.com, explaining his decision to work with the popular weight loss program. "It was a deadly combination of I’m fat and they work.”

    Alexander said he was inspired to join when images of himself on TV made him exclaim "Oh yuck!"

    "I don’t like the way that guy looks," he said, pointing to the pudgier version of George Costanza that appeared on the fake Seinfeld reunion during this season's "Curb Your Enthusiasm." "That guy is not attractive in any way, shape or form to me.”

    This latest spokesman gig is in sharp contrast to his previous job hawking KFC in commercials. In announcing the move, Alexander made fun off his appearance, noting his growing belly and receding hairline.

    "Over the course of the nine years of 'Seinfeld', I can actually see my hairline go away and my waistline increase," he said. "One of them I can do nothing about; the other I can.”

    Alexander told People that he was also moved by the success of his friend Valerie Bertinelli who showed off her slimmer Jenny Craig engineered frame in a bikini photo shoot.

    He promised no such exposure. "I will not be wearing a bikini for you," he said.