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Heidi Montag Blames Late Doc for Shocking Plastic Surgeries

"I definitely think I should have been way more informed," she told Primetime



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    Heidi Montag began her year as a completely different person. The Hills reality star confessed to getting more than 10 plastic surgery procedures done. Her turbulent relationship with co-star and hubby Spencer Pratt also kept her in the spotlight.

    Heidi Montag, who underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures, is now placing blaming her late doctor for the cosmetic catastrophe.

    The 24-year-old former reality show starlet claimed in a recent interview that she didn't feel "prepared" before she got a breast augmentation, liposuction and a nose job, among other procedures.

    "I definitely think I should have been way more informed," she told "Primetime" for an interview that aired last night. "I think that doctors should really walk you through all aspects of it, not just the glamorous side of it. Doctors, it's like they're selling you cookies or something." 

    Dr. Frank Ryan -- whom Montag still called "the most amazing person I have ever known" -- died in a car accident in August.

    "The Hills" starlet said the scrutiny she faced under the searing spotlight contributed to her decision to make a dramatic transformation.

    "It really got to me what people would say about me, and saying I had a horse face, and a Jay Leno chin -- just awful, really mean things about me. ... I kind of started believing it," she said.

    The surgeries were debilitating, she said. She couldn't even walk to the bathroom. Instead, hubby Spencer Pratt had to take care of her, a role she said led to their temporary split earlier this year.

    "He didn't sign up to be the nurse to his 23-year-old wife at the time, day and night," she said.

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