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Anne Hathaway and James Franco to Host the Oscars

Both actors will likely be nominated for big awards, too



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    The Academy Awards ceremony is not generally a place for much out-of-the-box thinking -- but if this year's choices for co-hosts of the show are any indication, that may be changing.

    According to, quirky, frenzy-inducing actor James Franco and the fresh-faced Anne Hathaway have been booked to host the 83rd installment of the program on February 27.

    The Academy's move is inspired in some ways -- and unusual in others. As Nikki Fink points out, both Franco and Hathaway will likely be nominated for the Best Actor and Best Actress awards, respectively, him for "127 Hours," her for "Love & Other Drugs." This certainly wasn't the case with past hosting mainstays like Billy Crystal and Steve Martin.

    Additionally, both scene grabbers are considerably younger than most previous hosts. At 28, in fact, Hathaway will be the youngest Oscar emcee ever, while the 32-year-old Franco is not far behind the previous youngest host, then-30 Goldie Hawn, who held down the podium in 1976.

    If you are starting to feel like you can't swing a remote control these days without hitting Franco and/ or Hathaway, you're right -- you can't. Franco is increasingly famous for being a ubiquitous pop culture polymath, while popping up on shows as disparate as "30 Rock" and "General Hospital," seeking an MFA degree at Columbia University, publishing fiction and showing in an art gallery.

    Hathaway recently hosted "Saturday Night Live" and "Love" has received a hefty marketing push, playing off her and her co-star Jake Gyllenhaal's oft-undressed, steamy romance in the film.

    This will be the second straight year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has had two hosts on the Oscar broadcast. Last year Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin scored the gig.

    "Love & Other Drugs" delves into the life of a Viagra salesman -- we can already hear the jokes about how certain symptoms can last for up to 127 hours.

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