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Miley Cyrus On Her New Tour, Her Love Life & High School: 'I Couldn't Do It'



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    Miley Cyrus says she works harder than most teens.

    Fans who see Miley Cyrus on tour this fall are going to see a newfound confidence in the teen star.

    "You have to see the show. It's things that I never could have done before," the 16-year-old singer/actress told Access Hollywood's Tony Potts. "As you get older, I've been able to work a little harder, and like, building things, things I never would have had the confidence in myself to do before. I would have said, 'I don't know if I want to do that' – now I'm able to have the confidence."

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    Miley, who said her stage crew include veterans of tours by Guns 'N Roses and Led Zeppelin, added that she won't just be singing.

    "We're driving tractors, motorcycles, I'm flying," she said. "You just have to make sure everything is perfect."

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    If that sounds like a lot of work for a star just old enough to be a high school junior, Miley said it's what she's "called to do."

    "I work a lot harder than a lot of people my age, I would say, but everyone has their own challenges," she told Tony. "This is something that comes easily to me. I think of high school and I'm like 'Aghh!' I couldn't do it. I think this is easier than going to a normal high school."

    And while her frequent Twitter updates can make her seem like she's got a constant case of puppy love, Miley explained they're not always her words.

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    "I'm the queen of corny quotes," she said. "I Google love quotes, happy quotes, sad quotes, I just like quotes. I don't want to write, 'I'm eating a cookie.' I think that Twitter could be used for so much more."

    But is Miley sending her quotes to a special someone?

    "There's a lot of people I'm supposedly dating these days," she said. "But I'm just kicking it right now, I don't really have time for a huge relationship. There's no dude."

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