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Glam Slam: The Friday Five - Worst Dressed Of 2008!



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    Yesterday we revealed our picks for the top FIVE BEST dressed stars of 2008.

    Today - we look at the FIVE WORST.

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    “You ain’t gonna see this on a “Who Wore It Best” list,” Katy Perry joked with us. Oh, how right she was! The “I Kissed A Girl” singer was a repeat offender when it came to over the top style, whether it was in a dress with “eyes” sewn on the chest or a dress that was literally a carousel.

    Where did her signature sexy style go? She used to show off her curves with form-fitting ensembles, but lately she’s gone from fab to flab, wearing unflattering cut-off jean shorts, flannel shirts and muu muu size tops, which make her look larger than she is.

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    MEL B
    Grace Jones called - she wants her look back! If you’re going to crib someone’s style, make sure you pick someone a bit more fashionable! The Spice Girl was universally derided for wearing a peach satin dress… with a hood… on the red carpet.

    Her black-feathered frock had fashion disaster written all over it. Who let her go out in public in this Armani Privé debacle?

    Feathers didn’t work for Madonna either, who I think for the most part makes 50 look fab. “Shrubbery” and “Hairy” were two words used to describe the green ostrich feathered dress that came straight off the Louis Vuitton runway.

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