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Brett Favre's Next Step May Be on "Dancing with The Stars"

Oft-retired QB would fill ABC show's ex-jock slot



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    There seems to be a move afoot to draft an aging star for a TV appearance, but this time it isn't Betty White, it's Brett Favre.

    A rumor that he could appear on "Dancing with The Stars," which seems to have started in a newspaper column is gaining steam. And the more one considers it, the more it makes sense. He loves attention and may have actually, really, really retired this time. The show has a slot for an ex-jock.

    ABC plans to announce the Season 12 cast on Feb. 28 during "The Bachelor." The show begins airing on March 21.

    A list of other big and not-all-that-big names that have been thrown out as possible contestats includes Lindsay Lohan, Lorenzo Lamas, Tea Party pol Christine O'Donnell, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife Brooke Mueller, Ashlee Simpson, Lee Meriweather, Jodi Sweetin and Mischa Barton. That list includes the requisite train wrecks, oldsters and C-listers, but, you'll notice, no ex-jock.

    Former NFL players who have appeared before include 2006 winner Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Jason Taylor, Kurt Warner and Chad Ochocinco. Should Favre be asked and decline, don't think for a minute he won't change his mind. Several times. 

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