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Angelina Jolie: Keep The Cameras Away From My Kids

Says paparazzi should uses long lenses, not close quarters



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    Angelina Jolie knows the paparazzi have a job to do, she just wishes they would do it from a distance.

    The superstar mother of six told Larry King Wednesday she wishes there was a law protecting the children of celebrities from relentless shutterbugs.

    "I do think and I do hope that there will at some point be laws about how close they can get to children with cameras," Jolie told King.

    Getting rid of them altogether is not an option, she admitted.

    "I don't think the hunger for it will ever go away, and so I think it will always be fed," she said.

    But with her and mate Brad Pitt jet-setting around with half a dozen kids in tow, she worries about the young 'uns' privacy.

     "I think at some point it's going to be clearer that it's emotionally not healthy," Jolie said. "And with long lenses, there's no need. I'm somebody that would like there to be a law about the distance they have to children."

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