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Actor Tom Sizemore's Ex-Flame Says He Hit Her During Visit to Talk Child Support

Mother of "Saving Private Ryan" actor's twin sons testifies about alleged assault



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    Tom Sizemore, actor

    The mother of Tom Sizemore's twin sons testified Thursday that the actor assaulted her earlier this year when she went to his Los Angeles home to discuss his alleged failure to make court-ordered child support payments.

       "It took my breath away,'' Jinele McIntire told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas. "He punched me like (he would) a man. It came out of nowhere. He told me, 'You're not going to get out of here alive.'''
    Juhas is holding the hearing to decide whether to extend an order -- which he issued shortly after the June 22 incident -- directing Sizemore to stay away from his former girlfriend.
    Sizemore sat expressionless at the counsel table as he listened to the testimony by his ex-flame, who is representing herself.
    Sizemore's lawyer, David Moriel, denies any wrongdoing by his client. He maintains McIntire made up a story that the 48-year-old actor attacked her in order to try to get more child support from the "Saving Private Ryan" and "True Romance" star.
    But McIntire, who said she is a previous victim of domestic violence by another man, said she reluctantly came to court and only did so to protect herself from Sizemore.
    "I don't ever want it to happen again and I'm fearful it's going to happen again,'' she said, her voice occasionally breaking.
    "I don't know where we're supposed to go from here raising two kids. I don't know how I'm supposed to have some sort of relationship with someone I'm scared of.''
    She said she does not believe Sizemore would hurt their 5-year-old sons, Jayden and Jagger.
    McIntire denied she is trying to extract more child support payments from Sizemore by giving the court a false story about being abused.
    "It's ridiculous that I made this up for child support,'' McIntire said. "I'm not lying.''
    Asked by Moriel if she is upset that Sizemore is not paying her the child support she wants, McIntire replied, "No, I'm happy about it. Of course I'm upset, why wouldn't I be? And he's got a lot of money.''
    She said Sizemore deserves to be criminally punished for allegedly not fulfilling his child support obligations.
    "I don't know why he hasn't been thrown in jail ...,'' she said.
    McIntire denied Moriel's assertion that she offered to drop the restraining order request if Sizemore bought her a home in Las Vegas, although she acknowledged she would like to move there.
    Sheriff's Sgt. Donald Walls, called to testify by Moriel, said McIntire never mentioned being abused by Sizemore when the lawman was investigating her claim of domestic violence at the hands of the other man.
    The hearing continues on Oct. 8, when Sizemore is scheduled to testify. The actor claimed after a court appearance in the case last month that McIntire admitted making up the allegations against him and that she allowed him to record her confession.
    "This is like Heidi Fleiss all over again, but this time it won't end in a bad dream, but in the truth,'' Sizemore said, referring to his former girlfriend.
    Sizemore was sentenced to six months in jail in October 2003 after being convicted of hitting Fleiss in the jaw and for making threatening phone calls to the  former "Hollywood Madam'' who also spent time behind bars for operating a high-end call girl ring for celebrities.
    Sizemore still denies Fleiss' allegations.