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Actor John Forsythe Dies at Age 92

He died as "he lived his life... with dignity and grace," according to a family statement



    Actor John Forsythe Dies at Age 92
    Actor John Forsythe, who played scheming oil tycoon Blake Carrington in "Dynasty," died at age 92, according to his publicist. The actor won two Golden Globes for his performance in the role.

    Actor John Forsythe died Thursday, according to a statement released by his publicist. He was 92.

    "The family of John Forsythe sadly announces his passing on April 1, 2010," the statement said. "He was 92 years old and, thankfully, he died as he lived his life... with dignity and grace, after a year-long struggle with cancer."

    Forsythe died in Santa Ynez, Calif. of complications from pneumonia, according to the statement. There will not be a public service.

    Among his many acting credits, Forsythe played Blake Carrington on "Dynasty" in the 1980s. He also starred in the 1950s sitcom "Bachelor Father."

    In "Charlie's Angels," he voiced mysterious millionaire Charlie Townsend. His voice is heard on a speakerphone, but he never appears on camera.

    Forsythe's star is in the 6500 block of Hollywood Boulevard.

    Forsythe was born Jan. 29, 1918 in Penn's Grove, N.J. After attending the University of North Carolina, Forsythe moved the New York to become a radio actor. He became the field announcer for the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbet's Field -- a boyhood dream for many young men.

    Forsythe was just 18 years old.

    In 1947, he was a member of the first class of what became  the Actors Studio, and he performed in Broadway shows such as Mister  Roberts'' and "The Teahouse of the August Moon."

    He had a series of small television and movie roles before being cast in  the CBS comedy "Bachelor Father" in 1957. The show ran for four years and  jumped to various other networks before being canceled.

    Forsythe's career soared when Aaron Spelling cast him as the mysterious  millionaire Charles Townsend in "Charlie's Angels."     When the show went off the air, Forsythe took on the role of scheming  family patriarch Blake Carrington in the ABC drama "Dynasty," another Aaron  Spelling production. He won two Golden Globes for his work on the show.

    Joan Collins, who starred with Forsythe on "Dynasty," called him "one of the last true gentlemen of the acting profession.''

    "I enjoyed our nine years of feuding, fussing and fighting as the  Carringtons," Collins said in a statement. "And I was so glad to have had the  chance to reunite with him a few years ago in the `Dynasty' reunion. He will be  greatly missed."

    A longtime thoroughbred horse owner, Forsythe was a member of the board  of directors of Hollywood Park Racetrack.

    He is survived by his third wife, Nicole Carter, three daughters and a son.

    The family asked that in lieu of flowers, John's wife and family would  like to request donations to the American Cancer Society. There will be no  public service,'' the publicist said in a statement.