Call Your Mother Deli Rolls Bagel-Slinging Trolley into Bethesda

Call Your Mother Deli

Nationally-known deli Call Your Mother Bagels is taking its famous bagels and iconic pink-and-blue look out of D.C. for the first time.

Call Your Mother Bagels on Tuesday launched a new mobile restaurant housed inside an antique streetcar. The owners have replaced the orange and green paint familiar to many D.C. residents, but they're keeping its original name: Honey.

For now, the trolley will be posted up 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily outside Suburban Hospital, which is on Old Georgetown Road in Bethesda, Maryland.

You'll be able to pick up bulk orders of bagels, half-pints of toppings and some of their creative bagel sandwiches online or at the trolley window. The full menu is expected to be available soon.

The trolley will be hard to miss: It is twice the size of a regular food truck, decked out with a pink bottom and bright blue top.

Call Your Mother's first Park View shop was hailed by Eater as one of America's best new restaurants and attracted so many customers it became known for lines that stretched out the door. The deli's second shop is in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and the owners have plans to open another location in Georgetown.

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