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Super Bowl Food Packs on Enough Calories for Marathon



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    The Super Bowl isn't just about football, but food plays a very important part in watching all the action.

    According to Time magazine, game fans will have to run an entire marathon to torch all of the extra calories they will eat during the championship. If someone’s team loses the Super Bowl, they will pack on an additional 16 percent more saturated fat than a normal meal.

    Time estimated fans could take in as many as 2,400 calories and 121 grams of fat during the game, more than recommended for a single day.

    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, typical game fare packs on the calories pretty quick.

    • Three slices of pepperoni pizza will pack on 939 calories.
    • Six chicken wings add 710 calories
    • Two servings of nachos is 549 calories
    • Five cans of regular beer will add 732 calories, compared with three cans of cola that add 455 calories.

    The USDA said the best snack is six celery sticks with a tablespoon of ranch dressing (only 67 calories), but who really wants those during the big game?