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NBC Washington Staff Volunteering at NE High School



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    NBC Washington staffers along with other Comcast employees taking part in a beautification project in NE D.C.

    The staff at NBC Washington is pitching in with other Comcast employees to clean up a northeast D.C. school on Saturday.

    At Sringarn High School on Benning Road, the exterior of the building and its ground are getting a facelift, as part of the Comcast Cares day of charity.

    New murals are going up on the walls and new shrubs are being planted around the grounds.  Comcast has partnered together with City Year, Washington D.C., as well as Radio Disney in the project.

    Spingarn High is the site of City Year's Diploma's Now program, an initiative to boost graduation rates at the school.  The high school has been challenged over the years with elevated poverty rates in the surrounding community.

    The day of volunteering is nationwide for Comcast employees.  Tens of thousands of workers are giving their time today, in this the tenth year of the event.