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Maryland Farm Offers Goat Therapy, ‘Goat Grams'

"Goats are better than TV"

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On a bad day or during times of struggle, many of us turn to pets or videos of cute animals to lift our moods.

But what about hanging out with a goat?

Goats are very social, and some say they are just right for therapy.

That’s why one family living on a farm in Silver Spring, Maryland, has their phones ringing off the hook. People want to visit their four Nubians and two dwarf goats in a natural getaway on Ednor Road.

Joshua Krawiec, 11, spends a lot of time on the farm. He says chickens, ducks and goats helps him with stress — no need for tv, or video games.

“Goats are way better than TV,” Krawiec said. “They make me happier. And they make me tired!”

His mom agrees this is a healthier option.

“I know when Josh has a bad day I can say, ‘Let’s go hang out with the goats,’” she said.

Morgan Hayes and Kelley Davis say their goats are part of their family. They share the love through goat therapy.

Hayes will also share her goats at your doorstep — something she calls “goat grams.” It’s a session anyone can book to hang out with the goats for an hour.

In the future, they hope to add goat yoga. Here’s more information.

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