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Take Down and Defeat, in Hampton



    Wrestling's an interesting sport. Take the guys pictured above, for instance. Despite their stance, despite the intense gazing going on, these guys are actually supposed to hate each other.

    If it's been a long time since you've watched a good grapple or take-down, maybe it's time to head down south (Hampton, Va.) to the Virginia Duals Wrestling Tournament.

    Yes, really.

    The tournament pits team against team (dual-format) to determine some of the best college/high school wrestling teams in the nation. Participating U's include nearby schools like Old Dominion U and further-away ones like St. Andrews University (alma mater of Prince William).

    The tourney (such a fun word) is now used by Virginia and many other states to determine the best high school team in each state, so it's no wonder why all the top schools will be in town to throw down.

    The Peninsula Wrestling Association (host of the event and governing body) started in the late '70s with only eight colleges and four high schools; today it has 48+ high schools, 22 colleges and a middle school division competing. The Virginia Duals Wrestling Tournament is the largest college and high school tournament in the world. That's a lot of grunting!

    The tournament runs Jan. 13-15. Sessions are Friday at 9 a.m., Saturday at 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and Sunday at 9 a.m. Doors open one hour prior to each event. You can purchase a single pass, a two-session pass or an all-session pass ($36).