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Project 4.1: Haunted Medical Lab Opens in Rockville



    Looking for gory Halloween fun? Inspired by a U.S. Government medical study, The Warehouse: Project 4.1 opens Friday, Sept. 28 in Rockville.

    Billed as an "urban haunted house," Project 4.1 is constructed to resemble a medical lab gone wrong, filled with zombies, dead "bodies" and vicious military men.

    Actors play residents of the Marshall Islands who were exposed to radioactive fallout in the 1954 Castle Bravo Accident and may have suffered long-term harm. Creepy!

    Project 4.1 (11840 Rockville Pike, Rockville,  Md.) runs through Nov. 3, open every weekend and some days during the week, too -- including the entire week of Halloween, of course. Tickets are $30, but you can snap 'em up on LivingSocial for $15 through Friday. Students can get $5 off on Oct. 18 and 25.