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Philly Garden Show Cleverly Includes Man Cave



    Sow the seeds of garden love at the most famous flower show in the world. The International Flower Show will be blossoming at the Philadelphia Convention Center (12th and Arch streets, Philadelphia, Penn.), featuring a Hawaiian theme, the largest orchid display anywhere... and a man cave. This can't be missed.   

    Horticulture, floriculture, other things ending in -culture... you name it, they'll have it, along with culinary demos and wine tastings.
    Done up in a grand scale, the show runs Sunday, March 4 through Sunday, March 11, and it makes Martha Stewart's garden look like... well, actually, those are kinda cool too. Anyway! In Philly, you'll get Bethenny Frankel serving you Hawaiian-themed cocktails (sort of), and garden tea served twice a day. We're in. 
    Need a gardener's advice? The Gardeners Studio, in the center of the show, will bring together experts to share their passion with the public. A Designers Studio will have the nation's best floral designers live on stage, with head-to-head competitions among the professionals. We're envisioning it to be like "The Apprentice," except no one gets fired. 
    Grab a pick-me-up during the event and savor some garden tea. Tea will be served twice a day (12:30 and 3:45 p.m.) in room 202. Petite sandwiches, fruit and pastries along with a fine tea assortment will be devoured (ahem, served).
    With 180+ vendors on site selling flowers, plants, garden furniture and tools, there's no excuse to go home empty handed either. 
    If you're a lady and there's a dude holding you back from going, tell him to tag along. He can hang out in the man cave. The flower show man cave (sounds like an oxymoron) has guy-friendly, manly stuff available, like beer, cable and a 100-inch TV with theater seating, showing the NCAA conference tourney.
    The Sugarhouse Casino will also sponsor table games with poker and black jack giving each player the chance to win prizes. If you have a man who loves golf, drop him off at the Tiger Woods PGA tour competition, completely stocked with beer, wine and cocktails. 
    Free parking will be at the SugarHouse Casino with free shuttle service to and from the show. There's also 8,000+ parking spots around the building. Flower Show fans can save 15 percent on Amtrak travel to Philadelphia. To get the best deals on hotel accommodations use the preferred list.
    All proceeds will benefit the Pennsylvania Horticulture society; general admission is $27.