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Baltimore Sure Plays a Mean Pinball



    If you have crazy flipper fingers and you play the silver ball by sense of smell, then you might just be a pinball wizard.
    Since D.C.'s pinball museum got a move on nup north, you'll now have to hit the road to visit the National Pinball Museum (608 Water St. Baltimore, Md.).

    If you've never been, here's what you most need to know: This isn't your average museum, but a touch-play-learn pinball nirvana. The one-of-a-kind museum offers hands-on demonstrations and visual art concepts to demonstrate the mechanics and history of pinball... along with the fact that you can actually play among the countless pinball machines on location.
    Educational programs at the museum include painting, stenciling and silk screening -- you know, because color and graphics are the meat-and-potatoes of a successful pinball game. The restoration program will teach electro-mechanical restoration and how to change solenoids, flipper coils and pop-bumper bodies. What a fantastic word pop-bumper is...
    Visitors can play on a variety of machines for two hours for $12; three-day all-access passes are $25.